About Lost and M

Let’s talk about being lost.

For a start, it’s not a bad thing – to be lost. In a place. In a conversation, In time. In the page of a book or a website. In … anything.

Being lost in what you genuinely like and enjoy is a good thing. A good read; a tear-pulling scene; a lung-emptying view; an exhilarating or life-changing experience; an annoying different point of view; or even a delectable meal – I get lost in them and I wished that I never forget them.

This space documents the stories that I like to be lost in. I mean – I do like to get lost in writing, so I’ll just do it. I really love words for what they are and what they represent.

M Weaves

M is a dreamer at heart – so, M sympathises with all dreamers for the world to be a better place; lives to be peaceful and joyful.

M Weaves comes straight from M‘s dreams and imagination. M aspires to be a novelist and decides to give it a try.

In this fast-moving era, it’s tough to focus on more than five words – but M is going to try and will not give up. It might be worthwhile to try something other than moving pictures. As someone said, “It’s always a good thing to pause and appreciate the little things in life.”

As M enters a new chapter where writing is a major part of M‘s life, M shall enjoy getting lost in the journey – and in life, of course.

“Let’s find our lost ground and just be lost.” ~ M